Private Client Group

LMCG’s Private Client Group offers customized wealth management and investment solutions to individual investors and families with investable assets of at least $2 million. Our investment professionals each bring significant experience and expertise working to build and manage customized investment portfolios that seek to achieve each client’s unique investment goals.

In constructing and managing each portfolio, we are guided by each client’s particular income need, time horizon, tax profile, risk tolerances and perspective about market volatility. We believe that holding ourselves accountable to our clients and remaining unbiased in our approach is key to preserving capital and building long-term wealth.

Investment Approach

We take an active, long-term view to investing across equity, fixed income and, where appropriate, alternative investments. We are active investment managers employing a classic fundamental analysis approach to constructing portfolios.

Our equity strategy approach is to identify and buy large and mid-sized companies with above average earnings growth potential and reasonable valuations that can be held for the long term. We maintain low portfolio turnover and remain tax aware to reduce friction costs. Our fundamental research and analysis allows us to identify companies of the highest quality in terms of competitive advantage, profit margin expansion, balance sheet strength, conservative accounting, corporate governance issues and management integrity.

Our fixed income strategy approach is to build unique portfolios that align with the income needs, tax situation, and risk tolerance of each client. Our portfolios are designed to generate income, preserve capital and deliver a reasonable total rate of return through investments in high quality individual bonds.