Advisor Offerings

LMCG has been a partner to advisors, individuals and plan sponsors since 2006 by managing core equity and fixed income investment strategies designed to meet the long-term goals and objectives of our clients.

We strive to create effective investment programs for clients by offering nimble investment strategies that place a strong emphasis on risk management. Our equity and fixed income strategies seek to address the needs of clients while maintaining a disciplined investment approach:

  • Income Generation
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Liquidity Needs

We have evolved our relationships with advisors over the last 15+ years and will continue to expand our capabilities and how we support our clients and advisor partners.


LMCG’s Equity Team manages equity strategies across a range of investment categories that vary on global allocations and investment objectives. Our suite of investment offerings enables advisors to deliver investment solutions to their clients that possess unique needs and goals. The investment team sticks to a strict investment process to deliver these goals through dynamic asset allocation, thematic stock selection and portfolio risk management decisions. All portfolios are fully invested and seek to add long term value over their stated benchmarks.

Fixed Income

LMCG’s Fixed Income team manages fixed income strategies across core and municipal bonds focusing on both taxable and qualified accounts. Our investment team seeks to add value through both security selection and yield curve management. Our Municipal Bond strategy can be customized by state of residence offering potential tax advantages to clients with trusts or other taxable accounts. Our Core Bond strategy is best suited for qualified accounts seeking total return. We invest in high quality, intermediate-term bonds to mitigate the impact of interest rates, inflation, and potential losses.